Good food is best marinated in a great story. Join Our Edible Stories as we interview everyday eaters, foodies, chefs and home cooks as they explore the personal stories and cultural identities driving their food choices. 

Listener Reviews:
”Carina takes listeners on a global tour through fascinating stories and recipes. A blend of historical tidbits, travelogue stories, and good conversations centered around delicious meals, this podcast is engaging and enjoyable!”

”There’s a soulful rhythm to these food stories that really appetize my senses. I love the global component to the food tales shared. It’s amazing that in this diverse world our food tales are all rooted in family and tradition. Great job!”

“There’s beauty in all things, good food of course, but there are hands behind the growing and the preparation of that food that extend/enhance that beauty. Carina has captured stories from people who will warm your heart and your stomach! What a gift to listen!”