Everyone has a story. And everyone eats.
When we combine these two worlds, we create something special. I think many people would agree that food has the power to connect them to a place in time and an experience with friends and family, some of whom may no longer be a part of their everyday lives. I grew up in a storytelling Puerto Rican family where my grandmother cooked to nourish and cooked to please. She passed away over 20 years ago, but I often find myself trying to recreate those traditional Puerto Rican dishes not only to nourish and please, but to also recreate that emotional space where my grandmother was once a part of our lives. Stories are powerful and through our food those memories have staying power!

Our Edible Stories is about capturing those food memories that exist all around us. And it’s just as much a journey of memory through food as it is an exploration of the voices making up my community of the new American South. It’s about different faces from far and near places and our individual journeys to find a place called home.